Proper Food Storage Techniques to Make Them Last Long

Almost all of us have experienced it before – throwing out rotten fruits or veggies, discarding spoiled milk, disposing mouldy food, and all the other ways that food gets wasted. It feels heavy just looking at those items go to waste without even noticing what’s happening.

Food storage has a lot to do with keeping your food stay fresh and last longer than the usual. You can simply stash them in the fridge and in the pantry but there are actually wiser ways to store them and make them last longer while in storage. Here are some of the best food storage techniques you could try out in your kitchen.

Transfer Grains in Airtight Containers

Almost everything you buy comes in container or pack. However, if you bought some grains, it is wise to transfer them into airtight containers such as these click clack containers rather than leaving them as is in their bags. Airtight containers keep grains fresh for a long time plus it also keeps the bugs away. You can even label it with the purchase date to know how long you’ve had it and if they are still not past their best consumed date.

Place Dairy Products at the Back

Although it is convenient for you to get that jug of milk in the fridge door, keeping it there has a higher chance of getting spoiled quickly. It is because the temperature in that area is not that cold to keep dairy products fresh. To be sure that it lasts long, place dairy products especially milk at the back part of your fridge. It is the coldest spot in your fridge you can be sure that your dairy is kept fresh and well-preserved there.

Store Meat in a Tray

While many people just place meat products directly on the freezer, it is better if you place it in a tray first before storing it. Meat juice can drip to the foods below it, causing them to get spoiled or ruined quickly. The tray will catch the juice, preventing it from reaching and contaminating other foods, even other meat products.

Don’t Wash Before Storing

Washing fruits and vegetables right before you out them to storage is not really advisable if you want it to last longer. Moist or damp produce only attracts mould growth which speeds up the spoilage of your food. Just wash them when you’re already going to use them. If you have chopped food in storage, be sure to wash it first before eating or cooking it.

Know the Right Storage

Not all groceries and produce need to be stored in the fridge. There are some that are fine even in room temperature such as bananas, citrus, avocados, onions, potatoes and other similar products. However, there are certain items that shouldn’t be stored together such as apples, bananas, peaches, onions and lemons. They tend to speed up the ripening process of each other, making them overdue in no time.

Try out these tips and see how it makes a difference in the shelf life of your groceries.

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