Different Types of Cushion Cover Fabrics

A wide variety of fabrics are available in the market that you might sometimes get confused as to the features and purposes of each fabric type. However, most of such fabrics are used to manufacture cushion covers, which are now available in fancy colours and designs. Your home décor would look like incomplete without some cushions with cute covers.

The fabric of a cushion cover has to be in accordance with the place where you intend to place it whether inside or outside the house. For example, a hard cover has to be used if kept in the lounge or garden bench and a soft cover to be kept in the bedroom. A cover made of a durable fabric should be kept on the main couch or sofa. Here are some main types of fabrics and their features.

Cotton and Linen

These are the most commonly used fabrics to manufacture cushion covers. Both materials are washable, strong and durable. Made of natural fibres makes it favourable for people with sensitive skin. Cotton and linen fabrics can be used outdoors without exposure to elements like water and bright sunlight because these can be affected by colour fading or sun bleaching.

Silk or Wool

If you are looking for cushion covers for decoration purposes, silk or wool cover are the best. Silk is considered to be luxurious, expensive and requires best care to use for a long time. Wool is made of animal hair from goats or sheep. Both wool and silk needs special care and cleaning.


The best choice of fabric to use outdoors as it is a very strong weather resistant cotton fabric. It is also waterproof and therefore can be used in rainy, cold, snowy and freezing weather conditions. Canvas comes in a variety of colours which can be used to enhance your home décor.

Polyester and Nylon

These are synthetic fabrics and can be used anywhere in the house. Synthetic materials are durable and washable and can be used in frequently used areas. You can try out sage and Clare cushions sale to find a wide variety of cushion covers that can be used to fulfill your requirements for different areas of your home.


Not many people use leather cushion covers. Leather is very strong and durable and therefore can be used in frequently used areas. Texture of leather becomes mature over time so it is considered user-friendly. Leather cannot be used in some areas. Instead, you can have used vinyl which is used by limiting leather but this is not as durable as leather and needs special care and cleaning.

Think about the purpose first when buying cushion covers. Then you can consider the durability of the fabric and finally look for cushion covers you need to enhance the interior of your home in places that are not used frequently. Cushions can be used anywhere in the house for decoration whether it is the lounge, bedrooms, dining room or even in the garden. Covers of a cushion is extremely important because it affects the interior of your home. So, it is better to have a good knowledge about the types of fabrics that are used to manufacture cushion covers to understand which fabric to choose for your requirements.

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