The Rug Styles You Didn’t Know About

The rugs are a general aspect of every interior plan. However, with the endless varieties of rugs available in the market, the selection of a rug can be overwhelming. 

The purchasing of the rug comes down to three factors

  1. The style 
  2. The placement
  3. The budget

However, to consider the style of a rug- one must be aware of the wide choices available and its material type. 

The fibre varies from natural to synthetic, each having its own pros and cons. 

What Are the Different Types of Rugs?

Type One – The Cotton Rug

It is the most budget-friendly rug type, found in almost every home.

The durability of this rug is not high; thus, it tends to fade away over time. Also, it isn’t stained resistant. However, it is a good option to use on a daily basis.

Type Two – The silk rugs

Whether the rug is produced from 100% silk fibre or with a blend of silks, the shiny texture is unmatchable by any other types of rugs. The silk rugs are thin and soft- delivering a luxurious interior effect.

However, these rugs are difficult to clean and maintain; and are a bit costly. Therefore, it is suitable only in low traffic areas.

Type Three – The wool rug

Best fitted for places with high traffic, this wool rug is ideal for bedrooms, entrance, and living rooms. Wool fibre is a natural resource; hence, the real wool rug tends to be costly. It is due to the hard work and effort put in to create the rugs.

It is usually hand-woven, hand-knotted, or hand-loomed to produce a circular braided rug. Due to the rug’s high quality and durability, the rugs are passed down to generations.

Perhaps, it is expensive than every other rug, but each penny is worth the product.

Type Four – The Bamboo and the Jute Rugs

It is a natural source of fibre, and these rugs are ideal to use in places where large rugs are required. It gives a coastal effect to the indoor space. However, these rugs leave water stains, therefore, it is ideal not to use them in the wet zone. 

Type five – The leather rugs

Leather rugs are ideal for small spaces, randomly shaped rooms, and for luxurious spacing. It is made from animal skin, and it is easy to clean and maintain these rugs. Just like how one shampoo’s the hair. 

These soft-textured rugs can be placed; next to furniture, sitting area, or even next to the bed to first step onto the smooth surface.

In case the leather curls up, don’t worry! Flip it up and iron on the other side of the rug and fix it with low heat. 

Type Six- The faux fur rugs

An alternative solution if you are holding up with a tight budget. 

A fur rug is a blend of synthetic fibre and acrylic for an attractive and eye-catching rug style. 

It is a machine-made rug, having a luxurious finishing. However, the drawback of this rug is it easily shreds, hence, low durability. 

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