Renovating the House on A Budget

Renovating a home doesn’t always have to be expensive, having a beautiful house is something that everyone would like to have but many associate renovating to be quite an expensive project. There can be many things that can be done on a budget and yet have a house that looks aesthetical and one that you would be happy to call home.


First off renovating the house means you have to have a plan, what kind of renovations do you want to introduce, do you want an upgrade on the furniture, change the wallpaper or paint, introduce something new to your house, make an extension or whatever it is, write down what you want to do. This roughly gives you an idea on what things you have to pay attention and would enable you to design a budget around it

What kind of budget are you going for?

Next thing is the budget, how much you are planning to allocate for this whole process, this should include any equipment that you are going to purchase, any upgrade on the stuff that’s already there. When it comes to the kitchen you can change cabinets. So, you can also include bathroom instalments like bathroom basins and more.

Try to divide the area

Going in all at once can be quite a hassle because it would mean you have to pay attention to everything at once. Start room by room, if it’s the bedroom make all the necessary changes to the bedroom this may be changing the wall paper, the paint, putting new lights or adding new furniture. Once you are done with it go on to the next room which may be the kitchen or bathroom.

Changes in the kitchen

You can make small changes in the kitchen and turn it over into a new place, some of the things you can do are changing the lighting, you can install lights along the backsplash, add some shelves and put plants or place stylish jars or canisters, change cabinet handles or change the faucet.

Changes in the bathroom

You can remodel your bathroom by changing the paint or putting on new lights, placing a light over the mirror, changing the faucet, swapping the shower curtain with a cubicle to separate the shower area from the bathroom and so on.

In the living room

A fresh and bright living room brings out the look of the whole house, to make the house appear brighter you can paint the house in white paint, place potted plants around, change the direction of the couch towards the window, add new carpets, put up art pieces on the wall.

Maintain the lawn

The lawn is the first place that anyone who visits the house comes across, a well maintained and designed lawn can bring out the beauty of the house therefore mow the lawn on time, keep it clean you can put up a small bird house, build like a small pathway and light up the lawn with stylish wall lightings.

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