Pedestal Fan vs Tower Fan: A Quick Comparison

Are you hunting for a decent house fan?

But, after hours of review you eventually got lost between a tower and a standing fan. Yeah, you’re not the only guy out there. A lot of people are usually caught between these two styles of fans when they’re able to buy an electric fan.

Don’t really need to think about it anymore!

We did hours of study on both styles of fans, and in some cases checked common fan versions of both types of fans, and ultimately, this pedestal vs. tower fan piece is particularly for our lost readers.


Limited space is a big problem for new apartment buildings. Because the units are quite tiny. So, it’s very difficult to find enough room for a new device.

Maybe a tower fan is going to be a better option for this kind of situation. Since the tower fans aren’t bulky like a pedestal fan. So, you can position it without any hassle. A ceiling fan would make even more sense in this situation. You can even get your light fittings sorted if you go for something like timber ceiling fans.   

You can also position your tower fan anywhere you like. They can be put in any corner of a building, but they still produce the same ventilation and air flow You can think of placing some other fans, including pedestal fans, in the corner where you can comfortably fit a tower fan.

Freedom of Choice

No other devices, including pedestal fans, can give customers the possibility of choice that the tower fan offers. They come in a variety of features (which allow you to customize your fan to suit your needs), unique appearance (to get the visitors’ attention) and pricing options. Mentally, the tower fan meets the needs of modern consumers.


Level of noise is among the most significant aspects that you should remember when selecting the right model of fan Among these two styles of fan, a tower fan is known to be the quietest type. The best rotating tower fans are typically made of a brushless DC motor. These types of engines generate less noise than standard fan engines. You can even put it as near to you as you can without fear of disturbance.


Tower fan comes in a range of designs, types, shapes and styles. Each tower fan manufacturer has unique designs that typically do not fit other tower fan manufacturers. Isn’t that shockingly cool feature! So, you can pick any style you think will be better suited to your home decor.

Setup of pedestal fans is also aesthetically undesirable. They’re not as appealing as a tower fan.

That’s why we find that people really appreciate the design of their home or apartment, they don’t use a pedestal fan at all. Since they might be a little eye-catching in your modern and contemporary apartment.

These are some of the main things to consider while deciding between these two types of fan or as a matter of fact any type of fan.

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