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Choosing the Right Exhaust Fan for Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are prone to odours, excess moisture and airborne contaminants. Therefore, you need to have proper ventilation so that you can maintain a clean and healthy environment. The use of exhaust fans will remove stale air, moisture and odours from the bathroom. As it removes moisture and heat from the space, it will also reduce the stress on heating and cooling systems. This will lead to lower utility bills in the long term. You can also minimise energy use by using exhaust fans that have energy efficient motors and automatic shut-off features.

When choosing an exhaust fan for bathroom, you have to first determine the right size and appropriate airflow capacity needed to ventilate the space effectively. The size of the bathroom, presence of a bathtub or shower, ceiling height etc. are factors that affect airflow requirements. You can multiply the square footage of the bathroom by 1.1 if the bathroom has a shower to calculate the airflow capacity needed. This needs to be calculated by 0.5 if there is a bathtub only in the bathroom. The airflow capacity is measured in cubic feet per minute or CFM. The noise level of the exhaust fan has to be considered as well especially if the bathroom is located near the bedroom or quiet areas of the house such as the study area. You can look for a fan with quieter operation so that there will be minimal disruption to the occupants. You can also visit the showroom to get an idea of what the installed fanlight sounds like.

You have to consider energy efficiency when choosing an exhaust fan

This way, it will lower your utility bills. You can look for an exhaust fan model that has energy star certification. Some other features that can add to energy efficiency of the exhaust fan are energy efficient motors, motion sensors and automatic shut-off timers. You have to consider the duct size and length that is appropriate for your bathroom layout. You will need to vent the exhaust fans directly outside so that moist air can be expelled outdoors instead of into an interior space or attic. This can led to many moisture related issues. With proper ventilation, you can prevent mould condensation and preserve indoor air quality. This will help protect the structural integrity of your home.

There are also additional features you can look into such as integrated lighting

There are exhaust fans that come with built-in lighting so that added illumination can be provided for the bathroom. You will not need to have separate light fixtures and it can also save space. You need to choose models with energy efficient LED lighting so that they offer long lasting performance. You can also consider an exhaust fan that comes with an integrated heater. This is a great option if you live in a colder climate. These exhaust fans will provide supplemental heat so that the bathroom can be kept warm during the colder months. Also, if there is a humidity sensor, the exhaust fan will be automatically activated once the moisture level in the bathroom reaches a certain threshold.