Different Uses of Solar Energy

Aside from bringing light to the world, the sun has a lot of amazing uses. One of those is solar energy. Nowadays, people are looking more into sustainable living, searching for alternative ways to lessen the negative impacts of man’s activities to nature. Aside from patronizing organic products and lessening the waste disposed to the environment, another great way of living sustainably is by using solar energy as a power source. Know more about the different uses of solar energy in our daily lives by reading along.

Solar Electricity

This is one of the most popular uses of solar energy especially in the past decade. Going solar instead of depending on traditional sources of energy is more sustainable and produces less carbon footprint. Since the prices of solar panels have significantly decreased in the past years, more and more people are going off the grid, saving up on utility costs while helping the environment as well. All you need to do is install a solar power system in your yard to have a free source of energy for your home.

Public Lighting

Another great use of solar energy is for lighting up public spaces. Areas that are well-lit deters bad people from pursuing their plans, making lighting an essential part of every public space. From parks, plazas, sidewalks, streets, gardens, parking lots, and a lot more, it is important to have good lighting especially at night to make the people in it feel safer and comfortable. There are plenty of options for solar lighting available in park spaces and other public spots, making it a lot easier to find which one suits the place best.

Water Heating

A hot water system is an important utility for homes and even commercial spaces. It is used to make more relaxing showers, baths, and many more. However, this function alone already consists a huge chunk of the electricity bill if you’re using power from the grid. However, with solar power, you could offset this and save a lot in your bill. All you need is a rooftop cell to capture the heat from the sun and transfer it from the water tank. You could even use solar to heat swimming pools without kicking up your electric bill.

Ventilation and Heating Systems

Powering the heating and ventilation systems of a building is another amazing purpose of solar power. Usually, a forced hot air system is installed to heat an establishment using solar energy. However, you could also try out a solar home design to heat your home using solar energy without installing any devices. For ventilation, solar-powered attic fans can keep your home significantly cooler especially during hot summer days. Those two alone definitely helps a lot in lowering your utility costs and bills.

Renewable energy is now a more popular choice these days. With all those amazing uses of solar energy, switching to solar is definitely worth it. You may need a certain budget for installation and start-up but the savings you could get from it surely pays back and even more after years of using it.

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