How to Choose Furniture That Goes With Each Other

You have recently acquired a new home, which you are anxious to decorate and make your own. Though your imagination is filled with thoughts of soft sofas and dining room chairs, it becomes disorganized when it comes to pulling it all together. In order to make things simpler, you may get a set of furniture that matches everything else in the room. With furniture of comparable form and weight, any room seems balanced, and strategically placed colour, draws your attention deeper into the space.

Many of us, on the other hand, are more interested in creating an eclectic environment with individuality, including pieces from many designers and even eras. Eclectic isn’t just a term for mixing and matching whatever you have in the hopes of making anything work. A decorating design with unifying components is part of a strategy for achieving a harmonious, eclectic aesthetic.

Making Use of Colour

Colour is one of the most effective ways to mix and match your d├ęcor, it really is a terrific way to bring a place together with pieces of many styles. You may be a flea market hunter with a room full of mismatched wood furniture, for example. As a result, consider painting it all the same colour. The famous Shabby Chic decorating style, which has been in favour for years, is based on a monochromatic plan of white walls and painted white furniture in a range of designs.

Don’t be scared to make bold colour selections because complementary colours are opposite each other on the colour wheel and create the most brilliant colour combinations. Consider a neutral backdrop, such as white or beige walls and trim, if you wish to use several colours in your furniture or decorations.

Making Use of Patterns

Fabrics with dramatic patterns and contrasting hues are a terrific way to bring together a couple of pieces of furniture that wouldn’t normally “go” together on the colour wheel. Funky and bright patterns are all the rage, and spaces that properly blend many patterns are a joy to see. For example, you may pick a big scale floral in similar colours for your guest chairs and reupholster your sofa in a striped design. Then, for accent sun lounge cushions for the couch, pick a smaller size of the same flowery design.

Materials to be used

Finding diverse pieces in the same shade of wood is a terrific approach to unite a distinct mix of furniture if you enjoy wood furniture in its stained form. You can effectively blend bright and dark woods if you’re feeling brave, but make sure you have enough of each to balance each other. For example, if you have a large dark coffee table and wish to utilize smaller lighter wood end tables, you’ll need at least two of the smaller tables to match the coffee table’s apparent weight. Metal is a great addition to a modern eclectic design plan, but it won’t function as well in a formal setting.

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