How to Make Your Living Room Cosier

The living room is where we relax and even entertain some guests for a while. Aside from making it look stylish, another essential feature a living room must have is comfort. Although minimalist living rooms are trending these days especially on modern homes, cosy living rooms are still in and would never go out of style.

There are no specific rules when it comes to making a living room cosy. It all depends on the pieces you use and how you arrange them to achieve a cosy and inviting feeling. Here are some basic ways you could try out for a cosy living room ambience.

Go Traditional

In contrary to modern living rooms, traditional style living rooms are comfier and more relaxing. Try sticking to traditional way in styling your living room. More seating that are arranged close to each other in a certain spot is the key feature of traditional living room style.

It encourages familiarity and a good flow of conversation with its layout. Be sure to go for comfy furniture pieces such as overstuffed sofa, club chairs, arm chairs, and cushions just like this decorative sheepskin cushion. Don’t forget a soft rug underneath for an extra plush feeling.

Try Scandi-Style

If you don’t like traditional living room style, you might want to try out Scandi style instead. This style has a fresher feel compared to others with the colour palette it has. White and wood are the best combo when it comes to Scandi décor. You could go for wooden furniture pieces with white accents. Plants are also a great addition to this décor style because they add a natural beauty to any space.

Use Antiques as Decorations

When decorating a living room, adding decorative pieces are always essential to add a personal touch to your décor. One of the best decorations to make a living room look cosy are antiques. It makes your living room look elegant without ruining the intimate and cosy atmosphere. You could incorporate almost any antique that you like – from wall clocks, coffee table, lampshade, lighting fixtures, and even smaller decorative pieces you could place on shelves or the table.

Floor Seating

If you have a small nook at home that you’re not really using, you can turn it into a cosy nook instead. Position a soft area rug on the space and place some cushions around to create a comfy floor seating. You can also add other elements such as a small TV, a music player, small bookshelf, and many more.

This cosy nook is perfect for chilling and relaxing whether you’re alone, with your family, and even friends. Don’t forget to have a small table where you can put your drinks and snacks while you’re relaxing there.

Cosy all depends on how you define it. Try out those simple style tips above and tweak it to suit your preferences in comfort and style. A cosy living room will surely make your guests stay longer and feel more comfortable during their visit.