Kitchen Improvements

Must-Have Add-Ons for Your Kitchen Renovation

Before you begin with your kitchen renovation, it is recommended to know what the kitchen trends are and not just to keep up with what styles are well liked but to take advantage of the innovative designs. A lot of professionals and specialists are coming up with novel ideas to put a different twist on kitchen designs to bring new solutions to kitchen models.

Go through the below list of must add-ons to your kitchen renovation.

Statement Lights

Not only are statement lights provide brightness to keep you from cutting and hurting yourself, they are also accent pieces that could elevate the look and feel of your kitchen from a humdrum one to a chic one. Even if you don’t spend money on other light fixtures in your kitchen, a statement source of light such as pendant lights or LED lights behind your cabinets, especially if your kitchen already receives a lot of natural light.

Push to open cabinets

If you look for inspiration from kitchen renovations and design service in Melbourne, you’llget many ideas for cabinets. Push to open cabinets is now the preference of most homeowners because of ease of use. This has been one of the biggest kitchen trends for this year because of its simple and streamlined look. It would also save you money and the trouble of replacing the cabinet handles if and when they break.


Pantries are not a new invention but they are again enjoying popularity recently because everyone is slowly starting to realize how convenient it is to have all of your food in one place instead of opening all your cupboards just to find the cereal for your breakfast. Having a pantry would also make it easier for you when you need to do your grocery shopping and you have to check which of your supplies need replenishing.

Large drawers

If you want to live a minimalist life but still could not part with some of your kitchen appliances, you could do so (or pretend) by having large drawers. These drawers are making a comeback to hide your kitchen appliances out of sight. With this, you would have a clean looking countertop which would make meal prep and cooking easier since you don’t have that much clutter. If you need the appliance, just take them out of the drawer, use it and then put it back in the drawer for easy storage.

Floating shelves

Floating shelves are also something that is not new, but they are usually installed in bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms. Now, they are also being used in the kitchen to display some of your finest China and other plate wares or another storage space for some of the kitchen appliances that you don’t frequently use but still need.

Before you start incorporating these trends, make sure first that you have the space for it and that these add-ons complement your existing kitchen now instead of redoing your whole kitchen just to accommodate theme.

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