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Things to Consider When Buying Your Home, a Pump

In many areas a residential pump is required to supply homes with a steady water flow for domestic purposes. Whether you require water for a refreshing shower or for watering your lawn, a pump can make it happen. But with the different types of pumps manufactured by difference companies, you may be confused as to which type suits your needs.

Here are some tips to consider when making your purchase:

Decide on the Type of Pump You Need

The type of pump you choose depends on where the water supply will be coming from. For example, a submersible pump can be completely submerged in a well and a centrifugal jet pump is used to provide a steady water flow using underground water as its source.

Flow Rate

The flow rate of a water pump generally gives you an idea about its effectiveness. The flow rate is referred to as the amount of time it takes pump a specific amount of water and is usually measured in litters per minute. A pump that has a flow rate of 100-200 liters per minute is adequate for home use.

Size of the Inlet

Most water pumps have an inlet which is around 1 to 6 inches in size. It depends on the type of pump as well but it is best to have a pump with a larger-sized inlet as it will suck in more water and do its job much faster.

Maximum Head and Pressure

The maximum head of a pump refers to the distance in terms of height that the pump will be able to pump water. You need a pump that takes a maximum head which is greater than the height to which it should be pumped. If you attempt to draw water to levels higher than the maximum head then the flow rate will be zero.

Electrical Power Required

You should also take in to consideration the amount of electrical power that will be consumed by the pump when in use. This is usually measured in kilowatts or horse power. The electrical power consumed increases when the amount of water pumped and the maximum head increases.

The Quality of the Pump

Before you purchase a pump, do your own research on the qualities of a good pump. When considering the quality of the pump, think about the brand. Check the reviews of various brands and make your decision accordingly.

Check the Pump Warranty

You should also check in to the warranty available when purchasing a domestic water pump. As pumps have a motor and contain a complicated internal structure, you should be able to get in contact with a professional if something goes wrong.

The pump you purchase also depends on the type of water that needs to be pumped as well. When purchasing a pump, it is important to keep these tips in mind. By keeping these tips in mind, you will be able to purchase a more durable pump that delivers a steadfast performance with low power consumption.

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