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Tips to Decorate Your House

Moving in to a house is amazing. Making it homely takes some time and a little bit of effort. Everyone loves a beautiful house and rightly so because that’s where you are going to live in. spending time on it and decorating the place is needed if you want a house that looks aesthetically pleasing.

Decorating your door

You can paint your door of a different colour, to give the home a bright appearance you can try painting in colours like pastel blue with a glossy hue or other light colours to bring out a cheery appearance. In the past some used to paint the door red as a means of symbolizing of extending welcome to those who enter. Other colour ideas that you can go for are orange or yellow. In addition to painting your door of a different colour you can try hanging something on the door, like a wreath. Or get different door handles.

The colour of your wall

Of course, you can choose whatever colour you would like to paint the walls. To give the house a bigger and brighter look you can opt for more neutral colours, like white, beige or nude, it not only gives the house a bigger look but also gives the house a touch of elegance. For the rooms too you can choose a neutral colour but if there is any bolder colour you want to try you can use that for your bedroom and get all the décor or furniture surrounding the colour you are going for.

Arrangement of living room

The living room is the place where you are going to have visitors over and talk, the arrangement of furniture in the living room should bring about that feeling, the feeling of comfortableness. An ideal arrangement of your sofa set would be in H shape or U shape so in a H shape the sofa and the two chairs would be facing each other with the coffee table in the middle and in U shape the sofa would be on one side and then the coffee table with the chairs facing each other. Most think that pushing the sofa set against the wall is a good idea but it only makes the gap bigger.

Decorate the wall

Walls filled with ornaments and painting gives a story to the house. You can try hanging art work, putting up shelves on the wall with ornaments, vinyl frame and more.

Lighten the kitchen

Increasing the sunlight into the kitchen gives it an amazing look, do not cover the windows with heavy curtain, you can use lighter curtain or shutters. In addition, install more lighting to the kitchen to brighten up the area in the night.

Use mirrors

This is a very neat trick to use mirrors in a room, because of the reflection the room appears bigger. The best way to place a mirror is to place it in a wall perpendicular to the windows not across it.

Turn old items to new

You may have some old items in your house but with painting and with the help of refinishing kits you can turn it into something spectacular.

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